What is an Integrated Marketing Campaign?

Integrated Marketing Campaign

What is an integrated marketing campaign? In this article we will look at this very important tool in your online marketing campaign.

What is an integrated marketing campaign? It is a complete marketing campaign strategy that involves all of the elements of your marketing. Integrating the medium, i.e., broadcast/print, internet/mobile marketing, direct mail, web-based advertising and other in-house marketing techniques, ensures the message gets to as many people as possible in the targeted audience. This helps to drive the traffic to your website.

How does an integrated marketing campaign work? To answer this question we must first consider what the various elements of an integrated marketing campaign are.

Web Content: The most important part of your marketing campaign is the website content. This is where you can integrate the media such as web banners, text links, videos, photos, video ads etc.

Banner Ads: When people visit your website, they will see your banner ads on your home page or other pages. So, it is important that your banner ads are placed strategically so that people see them regularly. Also, your banner ads should not be too small or too big as these two things will change the visual appeal of your site.

Email List: In an integrated marketing campaign, you should try and build a strong email list. With a list you can send out periodic newsletters, provide newsletters and special offers. As the subscriber in the email list becomes more familiar with your products and services, you can gradually increase your emailing frequency to keep it informed.

Website: Website design should be easy to navigate, but it should also be informative and helpful. You should use content rich content that is written in plain English, for the user’s convenience. If possible, you can provide links to useful internet resources to make your site more interesting to the visitor.

Search Engine Optimization: To achieve an integrated marketing campaign, you must also implement search engine optimization. The best method of search engine optimization is through paid advertising on Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. If you want to rank high in Google, then you should hire a professional SEO Company. You can also join some paid affiliate programs to achieve an effective integrated marketing campaign.

Traffic: Traffic from the internet should come to your website, which is why you need to promote your website by creating an attractive website design and developing it with the help of a professional designer. This will help you to generate targeted traffic that has the potential to convert to sales.

Back-end: Website designing and development will not only improve your traffic numbers, but it will also boost the conversion rates of your website. To increase the conversion rate, it is necessary to link your website to the right source of traffic, which is your website’s own website. For example, if you have a blog, you can direct visitors to your website to view your articles or create a newsletter. by adding your blog to your website.

Paid Advertising: To generate more back-end traffic, you can also purchase the paid advertisements on the main page of your website. These are called sponsored listings. To maximize the chances of a conversion to sales, you can also post your ad on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. You can also submit your advertisement to different affiliate programs.

The marketing campaign is not complete without the help of pay per click campaigns. Pay per click programs like Google AdWords and AdSense are useful in achieving an integrated marketing campaign.

One very important thing that all website owners should bear in mind is that your goal of being in the business is to earn money. It is important that you have to constantly improve your website to attract more customers to your website and keep the interest of your existing customers.

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