How a business degree can help jump-start your marketing career

Business has always been a popular subject for university students across the globe. It can provide you with so many valuable, transferable skills that can set you up for success in a wide range of different careers. You don’t need to have an entrepreneurial spirit or designs of building your own business empire – the modules you cover will open the door to a plethora of professional opportunities. If you think a career in marketing may be right for you, studying a business degree is an excellent way in; in this post, we explain why.

You’ll get an understanding of basic marketing principles

Naturally, there’s a lot of crossover between the fields of business and marketing. From pricing strategies to promotion tactics, lots of modules on your course will delve into different aspects of the marketing mix, giving you a more thorough understanding of what makes a business successful.

While these topics are likely to be touched upon as part of any business course, lots of degrees specifically contain a marketing module that will take a deeper look at the principles behind the discipline. If marketing is high on your list of potential career paths post-university, keep this in mind when researching different course options, so you can set yourself up for success in the field.

Industry experience

It’s common for business degrees to offer undergraduates the chance to experience a year in industry to hone their skills and start to build out a network of professional contacts. If you see your future lying in a business’ marketing department, you could use this opportunity to gain a better insight into what a career in this field might look like.

In addition to gaining valuable experience, swapping the lecture hall for an office could boost your employability post-graduation, even if your placement wasn’t in exactly the same field. And of course, there’s always the opportunity to start to form connections with professionals already in the industry, and cultivating these professional relationships will stand you in good stead when making an application in the future for a full-time role.

Transferable skills

As well as picking up key, industry-specific knowledge across the course of your studies, a business degree will also teach you a range of transferable skills that are necessary for success in the marketing world. Some of the most important include:

  • Problem solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Creative thinking
  • Time management
  • Teamwork

From copywriting, to event management, to PR and communications, a range of different marketing careers will all call for these transferable skills, which can be developed on a business course.

Take the first step

With the opportunity to gain real-world business experience while also developing your understanding of key principles, a business degree could help to form the foundation for a prosperous career in marketing. Ensure you pick a course with modules that best align with your future goals, and you’ll be taking the first step towards securing your first position in the marketing industry.

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