Helpful Tips on Growing Your Online Clientele

Growing your customer base can be tricky and, at times, it might seem impossible to make any progress. The only world is so noisy and there’s so much competition, that you may ask yourself “where do I even start?”

But there are ways to help increase your clientele and have them stick around. Below are a few ideas:

1) Have an eye catching website

Nothing is more of a turn off when researching a company, than to find their website is outdated, not user friendly or wordy and full of unnecessary information. In order to grow your consumer base, your website needs to grab their attention and make them want to navigate your site. ADCI Solutions are website design extraordinaires and suggest you consider these tips when designing a website: 

  • User friendly on both the computer and smartphones. A website should be easy to use on multiple devices with an appropriate sized font. A side bar or search button also makes navigation easier.
  • Updated pictures and content. If your company has been around for years and the last updated blog or article was over a year ago, and the pictures are from the late 90’s, chances are your site will be overlooked. Websites need to stay current and consistently checked over for appropriate and accurate content.
  • Including a blog section on your website that will help you rank higher on Google. Being top rated will make it easier for customers to find you. This section can also encourage consumers to purchase your products by suggesting multiple ways they can be used.

2) Be active on social media

Posting too much on any platform can be a deterrent for future customers as you can clog up their feed. However, not posting at all will make them forget about you easily. Try posting one to two times a day and using the most popular social media apps to stay current. 

TikTok, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms, and allow you to be creative with how you promote yourself or your business. Although this can take up a good amount of time, it can be used in a positive way and allows you to interact with your clientele in a unique way.

Creating a marketing campaign that stands out is hard work. You’ll have to put in a ton of time and resources before and after launching, but it can make a huge difference in your company’s growth.

3) Offer special insight or deals

In connection with using social media, offering special deals or information on your company or products can make consumers want to keep checking your website or page. Using Tiktok or Instagram to announce a special discount at a certain date and time is a great way to get your name out there and grow your clientele as most people enjoy free or discounted items. 

Another way to use your platform is to offer special insight. For example, if you have a product that has versatile qualities, you can host “Live” posts at certain times to show your customers how to use the product in many different ways. This is similar to running an informative blog section on your website, but is more interactive. You can also give consumers a chance to ask questions and interact with you and let you know what they want to see from your company.

The main theme with these tips is to keep your audience engaged and involve them in as many ways as possible. It is tough to stay current and even more difficult to keep up with the changing likes and dislikes of consumers. The trick is to stay relevant and ask your consumers what they would like to see from you as a business owner and to follow through.

Bottom Line: Jump outside your comfort level and have some fun!

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